Lost Oddies

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These alien puzzles will challenge even the smartest players


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All ages

Lost Oddies is a game of skill and logic that will challenge anyone who wants to solve all 100 of its levels. To play, you'll have to get all the aliens in the right places. It might seem like a classic puzzle game, but it's different in that it has six different characters with six different movements. To further complicate things, the movements are made in blocks. That means that when you move one, all the rest also move in the same direction.

In the first few games, you'll have just two characters, but as you advance, other elements will be added. Make sure you know how each character acts, since the more advanced levels aren't very forgiving. To solve the puzzle, get the aliens to the right places all at the same time, without any aliens moving away at the last moment.

Lost Oddies is a real challenge for anyone who's used to typical puzzle games. Lost Oddies is particularly difficult because you not only have to manage the different characters' ways of moving but also their different abilities, such as teleportation or color-changing. The boards evolve, too, so sometimes solving the puzzle is a matter of luck rather than skill. Don't worry, though - you can always ask for hints.

Lost Oddies is a different and fun puzzle that will test your logical reasoning. As you solve the puzzles, try whatever comes to mind, since you can always undo it if need be. And good luck solving all the puzzles with three stars - you'll need it!